John says, ‘attending the group is pure enjoyment’

‘I moved to Bearwood in November 2010 and popped into my local library to find out what was going on within my community.  It was there that I saw a leaflet for Make Friends with a Book (MFWB).  The group appealed to me as I am a keen reader and thought it would be a good way to meet new people.  Going into any new group can be slightly nerve wracking; however attending MFWB has exceeded my expectations.  It has been a real revelation for me that reading in a group can contribute over and above what reading alone can do.  Attending the group is pure enjoyment for me and has helped me settle in to the area.’

John’s Story


We really appreciate feed back from people who have enjoyed Make Friends with a Book groups in Sandwell. Here Melanie talks about how she benefits from coming to Make Friends with a Book groups.

I had a very traumatic childhood following the sudden death of my mother.

Books became my safe place.

I could climb inside them, lock the door and escape the moral insanity that was my family. Without reading I am not sure I would have survived my childhood.

I first heard about Shared Reading on the radio about four years ago. A group at a library had just begun, so I thought I would go along. I had no idea how important it would become to me.

When I am there I am able to live in the moment. What is very refreshing about the group is that there is respect for everyone as well as what we read and that opens the door to much greater understanding.

Books speak about life and as such are very healing, particularly the way we read in the group.

Melanie’s Story